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On October 3, 1987, Marty Slover’s family walked through the Busch Stadium turnstile as Cardinal fans and walked out as a piece of Cardinals history. Perturbed that his family stopped for lunch and they were running late to the game, Marty’s timing couldn’t have been more perfect as his wife was pulled from the line by Cardinals employees with the distinct honor of being THE 3 millionth fan to enter Busch Stadium that season. Although common today, 1987 marked the first time the club reached the milestone attendance figure.

This week, Marty returned to Busch – still a fan and still full of history – presenting the Cardinals Museum with an addition to their collection:  ticket stubs, newspaper clippings, his personally-customized license plate, a keychain, and ball that was used to throw out a ceremonial first pitch. 

Guess what they say is true, nice guys finish… 3 millionth. Thanks for the donation, Marty!

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